The Waterboy [Blu-ray]
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The Waterboy [Blu-ray]

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Gulp it down and laugh it up as riotous Adam Sandler (50 FIRST DATES, PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE, THE WEDDING SINGER) rushes to the end zone in the sidesplitting comedy THE WATERBOY -- now surging onto Blu-ray Disc(TM) for the first time ever! Oddball mama's boy Bobby Boucher (Sandler) wants nothing more than to quench the thirst of the dehydrated athletes who treat him like dirt! But when he suddenly unleashes a torrent of bottled-up frustration, a talent for tackling transforms Bobby from meek "water distribution engineer" to the gridiron's most powerful weapon! Dive into wacky, bust-a-gut hilarity as the razor-sharp visuals and spectacularly enhanced sound quality leave you laughing so hard, you'll be gasping for breath! Also featuring Henry Winker (TV's HAPPY DAYS, SCREAM), Academy Award(R) winner Kathy Bates (MISERY: Best Actress, 1990; ABOUT SCHMIDT; TITANIC) and sexy Fairuza Balk (ALMOST FAMOUS, RETURN TO OZ, THE CRAFT), THE WATERBOY will flood your senses and float your boat as never before in Blu-ray(TM) High Definition.


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