The Private Lives of Pippa Lee [Blu-ray]
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The Private Lives of Pippa Lee [Blu-ray]

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: After nearly two decades under the wing of an aging, avuncular husband (Alan Arkin), dutiful mother and housewife Pippa Lee (Robin Wright Penn) undergoes a midlife breakthrough. Unearthing the sexually curious wild child of teens (as portrayed by Blake Lively), middle age Pippa sparks a relationship with a divorcee loner (Keanu Reeves). The Private Lives of Pippa Lee features Wright Penn in a revelatory performance as a resilient woman, refusing to let life pass her by.
Written by award-winning screenwriter and director Rebecca Miller, daughter of renowned playwright Arthur Miller.
Critics are saying it is Robin Wright Penn s tour de force performance and award buzz has already begun! the difference between growing old and growing up.
Produced by Plan B Entertainment, Brad Pitt s Production Company!