Taking Lives - Director's Cut (Widescreen Edition)
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Taking Lives - Director's Cut (Widescreen Edition)

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Taking Lives (DVD) (WS) (Unrated)

He would kill to be you. Angelina Jolie stars as FBI Special Agent Illeana Scott, hunting a murderer whom she believes takes both the lives--and assumes the identities--of his victims. But when an unexpected attraction sparks a romantic entanglement, the consummate specialist begins to doubt her finely honed instincts. Now, alone in an unfamiliar city, Agent Scott suddenly finds herself on a case that has become chillingly personal--surrounded by suspects . . . with no one she can trust . . . and a serial killer who is Taking Lives.

Additional Features More sex. More violence. That's what you get in the unrated director's cut of Taking Lives, which ought to tell you where director D.J. Caruso's priorities lie. The hot scenes between Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke are extended (offering a bit more nudity for Jolie's lecherous fans), and the fate of Gena Rowlands's character is considerably more graphic, but none of the added footage makes the movie any better or worse. That said, this cynical director's cut is the only version worth buying if you're looking to fill out your serial-killer-thriller collection (or your movies-in-which-Jolie-gets-naked collection), and you might as well enjoy the gag reel outtakes because they contain the only footage on the entire DVD in which Jolie cracks a genuine smile. The four featurettes are really just one standard-issue promo reel chopped into thematic categories with a pretentious CSI vibe, and while they offer little of substance, seasoned film buffs will welcome the appearance of veteran British editor Anne V. Coates, who briefly explains her approach to cutting high-tension scenes. The rest is routine at best, but given the choice between the full-screen DVD and this steamier, more gruesome widescreen version, well, it's no contest. Jolie and her breasts await you. --Jeff Shannon