Naruto: Volume Seven
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Naruto: Volume Seven

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Naruto Uncut Box Set 7

The destruction of the Village Hidden in the Leaves has been averted, but at great cost. While the village mourns, a new menace arrives in the form of Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke's mysterious elder brother and sworn foe, but it's not Sasuke he's interested in! Meanwhile Jiraiya lures Naruto away on a training journey by promising to teach him the Fourth Hokage's own original jutsu. While Naruto practices, Jiraiya searches for the Fifth Hokage candidate Tsunade, one of the legendary Sannin. But another of the Sannin is looking for Tsunade as well, for a much more sinister purpose--Orochimaru! As the runaway hit fantasy Naruto nears its midpoint, the tone continues to darken and the stakes grow higher. The Fourth Hokage sacrifices his life to save the Hidden Leaf Village fromOrochimaru, and removes the evil ninja's ability to employ jutsu. But even those measures don't completely eliminate the danger he poses, and a new, more dire threat appears: Sasuke's rebel brother Itachi and his follower Kisame covet the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon imprisoned within Naruto's body. The sinister pair is already strong enough to defeat Kakashi-sensei and Sasuke. To protect Naruto, Jiraiya takes him on a training journey to find the designated next Hokage: the formidable Lady Tsunade. But Orochimaru is also seeking Tsunade, as she alone can remove the seal that limits his powers. Naruto remains as irrepressibly rambunctious as ever, devouring ramen and addressing Jiraiya as "Pervy Sage" (a title he richly deserves). But the young ninja is being to grow up. To master a powerful new jutsu, he has to learn to concentrate his latent powers and develop some discipline. Naruto is willing to apply himself so he can grow strong enough to protect his friends and the Hidden Leaf Village, something he is destined to do. The potential is there: Believe it! The Special Edition comes with a "limited edition collectible" of another summoning creature, Gamakichi the Toad.(Rated T+ Older Teen; suitable for ages 12 and older: violence, toilet humor, risqué humor, grotesque imagery, alcohol and tobacco use) --Charles Solomon