Naruto: Volume Nine
Warner Bros.

Naruto: Volume Nine

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Naruto Uncut Box Set 9

Naruto returns to the Hidden Leaf Village to find Sasuke, frustrated with Naruto's sudden growth, thirsting to fight to decide who's the better ninja once and for all. Kakashi stops the fight before the worst can happen, but soon Orochimaru's henchmen arrive in the village to lure Sasuke to Orochimaru with the promise of greater power, a promise Sasuke can't refuse. In order to retrieve Sasuke, newly appointed chunin Shikamaru forms a squad of Genin, including Naruto, to pursue the terrifying Sound Ninja Four. Will they catch up before Orochimaru gets his hands on Sasuke? Let the chase begin! As Season Five (2004-2005) of the runaway hit Naruto gets underway, the magical jutsu grow more powerful, the chakra flies, and minor characters come to the fore. Wounded pride and a thirst for revenge lead Sasuke to accept an offer four ninja from the Sound Village bring from Orochimaru. To strengthen the power of curse mark on his neck, Sasuke swallows a potentially deadly drug and enters a trance. The Sound Ninja seal him in a drum-like coffin and take him away. Naruto is joined on the rescue mission not by Sakura--whom Sasuke cruelly rejects when she tries to persuade him to stay in the Hidden Leaf Village--but by Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba, and Neji. The quintet pursues the Sound Ninja, who employ exotic, deadly techniques, including an army of supernatural spiders. During a confrontation, Naruto and Shikamaru learn how Sasuke fits into Orochimaru's schemes: having mastered the jutsu of immortality, the evil ninja needs to find a new body before his old one decays completely. Sasuke, with his exceptional talents, is the ideal vessel for Orochimaru's soul. Season Five has a more somber tone than the previous episodes: Naruto has little time for jokes, ramen, or boasting. But fans of the series won't want to be without this set. The Special Edition includes a Special Limited Edition Collectible Figure of the Summoning Creature Manda. Rated T+ Older Teen; suitable for ages 12 and older: violence, grotesque imagery) --Charles Solomon