Naruto Shippuden: Set Two(single pack)
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Naruto Shippuden: Set Two(single pack)

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NARUTO Shippuden Box Set 2

Team Kakashi is joined by Team Guy in their pursuit of Gaara’s kidnappers, Deidara and Sasori, but their way to the Akatsuki hideout is fraught with familiar enemies and deadly traps. Once inside, Sakura and Granny Chiyo must take on Chiyo’s own grandson, the puppet master Sasori, whose complex tricks and genius puppetry demand every last ounce of Chiyo’s and Sakura’s strength and skill to counter. Meanwhile, Naruto and Kakashi take off after Deidara, who is once again on the run with Gaara in tow… The attack of the ninja teams from the Hidden Leaf and Sand Villages on the evil Akatsuki cabal comes to a spectacular climax as director Hayato Date introduces an increasingly flashy array of special effects into Naruto Shippuden. Even hard-bitten Granny Chiyo is impressed with Naruto's fighting strength--and his ability to make friends, a talent she'd never considered important. But the situation is graver than the members of Team Kakashi and Team Guy imagined: the Akatsuki are proceeding with their terrible plan to exploit the power of the multi-tailed demons, and the bizarre ritual to extract that power results in Gaara's death. Most of these episodes are devoted to three simultaneous battles: Naruto and Kakashi pursue the sneering Deidara; the members of Team Guy fight clones of themselves; Sakura and Chiyo tackle puppet-master Sasori. The latter is the most exciting by far, involving wonderfully strange and murderous puppets. Sakura gets a chance to prove her abilities as both a medical and fighting ninja, stunning Chiyo with her skill. However, the fights drag on: Deidara seems to have an endless supply of exploding paper-clay; Sasori, like many anime villains, takes an awful lot of killing. But fans will relish the mixture of friendship, slapstick, and hard-hitting action that has made Naruto Shippuden an international hit. (Rated T+ Older Teen, but suitable for ages 12 and older: violence, violence against women, grotesque imagery) --Charles Solomon (14. Naruto's Growth, 15. The Secret Weapon Is Called… 16. The Secret of Jinchuriki, 17. The Death of Gaara! 18. Change Tactic! Button Hook Entry!! 19. Traps Activate! Team Guy's Enemies, 20. Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi, 21. Sasori's Real Face, 22. Chiyo's Secret Skills, 23. Father and Mother, 24. The Third Kazakage, 25. Three Minutes Between Life and Death, 26. Puppet Fight: 10 vs. 100!)