Naruto Shippuden: Set One
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Naruto Shippuden: Set One

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NARUTO Shippuden Box Set 1

After two and a half years of training on the road with Jiraiya of the Sannin, Naruto is back in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and he’s ready to show off his new skills. He and Sakura team up to take on their old master Kakashi, who’s pretty impressed with their progress. They’ll have plenty of opportunity to put it into action when news arrives from the Sand Village that Gaara, Naruto’s former rival and now Kazekage of the Sand, has been kidnapped. And the culprits are the very same group who are after Naruto—the Akatsuki! One of the most eagerly anticipated anime releases in years, Naruto Shippuden (2007) is the follow-up to the international hit Naruto. Two and a half years have passed since the first series ended: the title character has been redesigned to appear taller and less round faced, as a teenager should. Although he learned a lot of new skills from Jiraiya and might have matured a little, Naruto remains the irrepressible, ramen-slurping knucklehead audiences know and love. He and medical ninja Sakura join their former teacher Kakashi-sensei as a team to combat the Akatsuki, a confederation of outlaw ninja once associated with Orochimaru. The first target of the Akatsuki is the Village Hidden in the Sand. Gaara, who fights with clouds of magical sand, takes on Deidara, who fashions weapons from enchanted paper and clay; Sand Village lieutenant Kankuro duels the scorpionlike Sasori using complex, jointed puppets. Naruto Shippuden boasts more elaborate CG effects than Naruto, enabling director Hayato Date to pump up the action. But these battles also reveal how completely Naruto transformed an icy assassin into an admirable leader: Gaara allows himself to be captured to protect the people of his village. While Naruto fidgets and fusses, Granny Chiyo reveals what the Akatsuki are seeking. Nine extremely powerful tailed demons exist in the ninja world: the single-tailed demon is sealed within Gaara's body, the Nine-Tailed Fox in Naruto's. Chiyo warns that these demons wield far more power than anyone can be allowed to control. Meanwhile, the Akatsuki begin drawing the demon's chakra from Gaara's body. Help is on the way: Team Kakashi, aided by Chiyo and Temari from the Sand Village, square off against Sosuke's murderous brother, Itachi, while Team Guy (Guy-sensei, Tenten, Neji, and the perpetually upbeat Rock Lee) tackle Kisame, who fights with enchanted cascades of water. Can they reach Gaara in time? Although Naruto Shippuden draws a lot of its audience from fans of Naruto, it's exciting and entertaining enough to win viewers who don't know the original series. (Rated T+ Older Teen, but suitable for ages 12 and older: violence, minor toilet humor) --Charles Solomon (5. The Kazekage Stands Tall, 6. Mission Cleared, 7. Run, Kankuro, 8. Team Kakashi, Deployed, 9. The Jinchuiki's Tears, 10. Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons, 11. The Medical Ninja's Student, 12. The Retired Granny's Determination, 13. A Meeting with Destiny)