Mr. Show - The Complete Third Season
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Mr. Show - The Complete Third Season

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Mr. Show: The Complete Third Season (DVD)

Following the success of their home video debut, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are back with MR. SHOW: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON - all ten episodes, 270 minutes plus bonus features - exclusively in a 2-disc DVD set. Like their first release, MR. SHOW: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON includes a veritable cornucopia of bonus features. Who knew that the "Ratings Man," repository of all records concerning television viewership, is actually Santa Claus? Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, stars of the frequently inspired sketch-comedy program Mr. Show, did, and they've got an absurdist skit to prove it on this DVD collection. Culled from Bob and David's 1997 appearances on HBO, The Complete Third Season includes the wonderful "Hail Satan Network" (a "Praise the Lord" for devil-worshippers), bogus movie-of-the-week "The Bob Lamonta Story" (about an athlete with retarded parents), a Beatles parody ("The Fad 3"), and the hilarious "Hunger Strike" (in which a starving, Gandhi-esque leader wishes to be buried in mashed potatoes). Cross proves a superior performer who salvages several underdeveloped bits, while Odenkirk demonstrates fierce gifts as a mimic. (His puerile, Strom Thurmond-like senator is right on the money.) Don't miss the "Fantastic Newness" special feature, which includes brilliant highlights from Mr. Show's first season. --Tom Keogh