Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian Special  - DVD

Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian Special - DVD

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In this endearing documentary, Jerry Seinfeld shares the challenges and triumphs of returning to the stand-up stage after having made his fame with his eponymous television series. Starting out at gritty New York City venues like The Comedy Cellar, Gotham Comedy Club, and Caroline's, Seinfeld slowly readjusts to live performances. Backstage in between shows he chats with fellow comedians Colin Quinn and Chris Rock about writing and introducing new material, dealing with dead audiences, and getting comfortable on stage. These conversations convey a compassion and understanding about the struggles faced by all comedians, especially those who are much less established than Seinfeld. One such upstart, Orny Adams, is prominently featured in the film. A determined 29-year-old who wants fame and fortune more than anything else, Orny's journey takes him from the same small NYC venues where Seinfeld performs, to a signing with a manager, and tours to Montreal and L.A. This subplot casts Seinfeld's laid-back personality and more mature approach in a unique light. As Seinfeld graduates to bigger theaters and longer acts, working his way up to a 60-minute show, he finds inspiration in fellow comedians. The climax of the film is Seinfeld's meeting with Bill Cosby, a moment he calls one of the most important of his career. COMEDIAN, directed by Christian Charles and produced by Gary Streiner, is a gift to Seinfeld fans, while its positive tone and uplifting message will appeal to all audiences.