Yu Yu Hakusho - Sixth Sense eps. 71-84

Yu Yu Hakusho - Sixth Sense eps. 71-84

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"It's one of the best action series out there." --- Anime News Network

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Someone in Musiyori City is carving a tunnel between the Living World and the Demon World that could usher in an age of destructive chaos. Yusuke seeks his best chance to uncover the truth behind the passsage...but mere hours after entering Mushiyori City Yusuke's team finds itself hunted by an unseen evil. Just who are Black Angel, Gate Keeper, Sniper, Gourmet, Game Master, Doctor and Seaman? These are the seven psychics that hope to let loose an army of demons strong enough to annihilate Earth One after the other, the freak psychics are confronted, each with undeniable and uncanny abilities.The heroes are definitely in grave danger.