Yu Yu Hakusho: Five Standing eps.57-70

Yu Yu Hakusho: Five Standing eps.57-70

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Beyond the multitude of action and adventures, it's the characters that make Yu Yu Hakusho so amazingly good --- Anime Insider Team Urameshi's fortunes in the Finals of the Dark Tournament have changed for the worse. Kurama's latest match is a disappointment, and Hiei risks being swallowed and destroyed by his own power! During his match with Toguro, Kuwabara is told some disheartening news. With extreme rage Kuwabara strikes Toguro, splitting the demon in half! The arena watches in horror at what unfolds!

A grudge match simmers between the younger Toguro and Yusuke. Yusuke reveals to Toguro that he has not been fighting at full force and removes the Spirit Cuffs that bind his power...but now Toguro has powered up to his top level and stares down Yusuke's most powerful Spirit Blast. Toguro taunts the Spirit Detective and soon learns that the best way to provoke Yusuke is to kill one of his friends! A winner will be decided, and blood wil be spilled!

After the Dark Tournament, Yusuke is kidnapped by a twisted teen named Kaitou. His comrades go on a crusade to save him, but when the gang finally reaches the captive Yusuke, one final game mst be played..One of his friends is, in fact, an imposter, and Urameshi has only minutes to determine which. With his decision made, Yusuke attacks!

Contains 14 exciting episodes on 2 discs! Over 300 minutes of Yu Yu Hakusho action!